Press Release Friday, 19 March 2004 -- for immediate release New World Record: Over 150 HotSpots installed in 2 weeks! Two weeks ago, startup company LinSpot announced free software to turn any Wireless Internet equipment into a commercial HotSpot. Only 14 days after the launch, 151 LinSpots are fully operational across the world, with 25 of them published on the LinSpot website. "In the old model, HotSpot providers needed to invest in expensive equipment and software and they had to perform complex setup tasks." said LinSpot CEO, Jasper Nuyens. By turning existing Wireless networks into HotSpots and by giving away the software for free, all those costs are avoided. To date, no HotSpot provider in the world was able to create 151 new HotSpots in only two weeks time. "We're doing something revolutionary here!", continued Mr. Nuyens, "It's a new World Record and we thank everybody involved to make this happen, especially our users!" Wireless Internet owners in the past had to choose between opening their network completely to anyone or to close it down entirely. LinSpot gives them a third option: controlled, accounted and profitable access. LinSpot handles the billing, access control and includes features such as worldwide roaming. LinSpot charges a 15% fee on the sold Internet Access and owners get paid immediately to their PayPal accounts. LinSpot also announced a price drop for the US market to $18 USD for 1 month full access, without any subscription. Prices in the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and Singapore were also adapted to reflect local market conditions. "A 2 hour access fee costs about half the price of a movie ticket, worldwide." claimed Mr. Nuyens. He believes prices for Wireless Internet Access should be lower than those of wired broadband to make the Internet more accessible to more people. The LinSpot software is easy to install and configures automatically. It features end-to-end encryption, auto-updating, accepts PayPal and every major credit card. WiFi network owners can also provide full free access to their own computers on their network. LinSpot works with any WiFi router, including the very popular Apple AirPort and LinkSys WiFi range. In the 2 weeks after the launch, more than 2700 unique downloads were counted. LinSpot is available in 38 countries worldwide and available for immediate download at LinSpot is currently available for MacOS X only, but Windows and Linux versions will follow quickly. "Some people emailed us to say that they were actually going to buy an Apple Macintosh G5 system because they couldn't wait for these versions to arrive", said Mr. Nuyens. "I guess we can call that a success!" LinSpot is the revolution in WiFi networking, turning any Wireless Internet network into a HotSpot with free software. LinSpot is a C2C (consumer-to-consumer) privately held company located in Belgium, Europe. LinSpot delivers affordable Wireless Internet Access hosted by individuals, small businesses and institutions in 38 countries and aims to become the largest HotSpot network worldwide. LinSpot can be found on the web at