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What is LinSpot?
LinSpot is the revolution to make Wireless Internet available to all. Just like eBay, LinSpot uses the C2C (consumer-to-consumer) business model to let you earn money. You sell the service to connect to your Wireless Internet at a fixed and fair price.

The technology is extremely advanced - but super easy to install and to use by those who come across your network.


  • Free software with instant money gain possibility
  • Works with all WiFi routers, base stations, NAT and network configurations - simple setup with automatic detection.
  • Free access for an unlimited amount of wireless users - you are in control.
  • Based on Peer-to-Peer principles to get the control over the network back into the hands of the people.
  • Visitors get an Instant Zero-Configuration And Zero-Click Registration Page (Patent Pending "IZAZ RP" Technology).
  • Automagic software updating.
  • Transparant billing reports.
  • LinSpot only charges a 15% fee!

Visitor Features
What people experience when they connect to your network

  • Prices are less than half those of the typical commercial HotSpot providers.
  • Works on all operating systems: MacOS, Windows, Linux....
  • They don't need to download and install any software as LinSpot works with standard IP protocols.
  • Easy 3 steps: configure proxy, select access time and enter payment information
  • Customers get access to other places on the world wide LinSpot network.
  • No startup costs or recurring subscription fees
  • Instant gratification
  • No advertisement, no spyware
  • No complex configuration, registration page is displayed immediately, no software to download

Go download LinSpot. Or read about our Business Model.

  • Now you don't longer have to choose between a slow encrypted network or a wide-open wireless network! LinSpot brings you controlled and paid-for access!

  • Start selling your Air in 8 minutes

  • Studies predicts the WiFi HotSpot market to grow to $3.6 Billion yearly (USA alone) - claim your part!

  • LinSpot's low-price policy makes Wireless Internet everywhere affordable for all

  • Based on great OpenSource technology!

  • Zero-administration and simple installation

  • Super-stabel and proven Security

  • Copyright 2003, 2004, Linux Belgium b.v.b.a.