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Download LinSpot
Download the latest version of LinSpot: LinSpot 1.0.3 For MacOS X 7.3 Mb

System Requirements
LinSpot needs the following minimal system requirements:

  • MacOS X
  • Ethernet port which is the network connection to the Airport or WiFi base station. LinSpot can not be installed on a laptop with only a wireless connection to your network. A wired connection is required.
  • 30 Mb free disk space on your hard drive
  • Internet Connection (broadband advised)
  • Advised to leave the system on

How to install LinSpot

  • Download LinSpot.
  • Go to the Network Preferences and note down your 'IP Address', Subnet Mask, Router and DNS Servers. Change them from 'Using DHCP' to 'Manually' and enter the noted down information. Your system is now ready to install LinSpot.
  • Probably the LinSpot Disk Image is now loaded and accessable in the Finder. Otherwise, locate the downloaded image, and double-click it to mount it.
  • Double-click the installation package and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your mac (will no longer be necessary in future versions).
  • Double-click the LinSpot application in the Applications folder. It will launch the configuration screen in your web browser.
  • Register with PayPal for an account to receive your payments onto.
  • Configure your wireless router to not hand out IP adresses (DHCP Server off - that will be done by LinSpot) and disable WEP encryption. Screenshots of how to configure Apple's AirPort and a Linksys Wireless Router.
  • If you didn't change your Network settings to Manually before restarting your Mac, LinSpot will only work after another reboot (when your Mac restarts, LinSpot reconfigures itself).
  • After restart you will be able to launch the LinSpot icon in your Applications folder.
  • Don't forget to enable free access to the other computers connected to your network - you don't have to pay to get access to your own network! After launching the LinSpot application, click on "Free Access List". Here you get the list of all detected computers on your network - just click on those for which you want to enable unlimited free Internet access.

What Next?

To let people know you have a LinSpot running, your location information can be processed by us and forwarded to different online databases.
We advise you to print out some advertisement and signs to let your neigbours know that they can have cheap broadband access, without subscription and without obligation. You might want to help them in their choice of a wireless card for their computer.

See our FAQ for more answers.

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