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What is the Business Model of LinSpot?
LinSpot delivers C2C (consumer-to-consumer) technology for end users Wireless Internet equipment. Current metropolian areas are already fully covered by consumer WiFi equipment. With LinSpot this equipment will ideally form one big network, to be used wherever and whenever by neighbours, mobile users and even VoIP WiFi Mobile Phones (see below).

Install LinSpot and instantly sell your Wireless Internet access for a fair and low price.

Only 15% of the payment from your visitors goes to LinSpot to pay for the development of new versions, the LinSpot servers, marketing of the network and - hopefully - some profit. You receive the payments from your visitors, and you do not need to invest in any software or hardware: Sell your Air!

What are the prices?

Lowest Market Price (*):
LinSpot Price:
2 Hours
12,- USD/EUR
1 Day
typically no discounted rate
1 Week
typically no no lowered rate
12,- USD/EUR
1 Month
40,- USD/EUR
25,- USD/EUR

  • Half the price or less than with commercial wireless access providers.
  • Only 2,5 USD/EUR for 2 hours makes Wireless Internet Access affordable to all!
  • No subscriptions, no activation fees, no hassle. Instant Gratification.

    *: Prices based on those of the "low-priced" T-Mobile US, prices in Europe go up till 150 USD/month.
    We plan to add a special "Voice over IP only"-price for unlimited worldwide calling later.

    What are WiFi phones?

    WiFi based telephones who utilize Voice-over-IP technology to make calls worldwide at no or low costs are already available. This is a very promising emerging technology. LinSpot is the WiFi network which can enable access at a large number of locations to make this usable for more people. Have a look at the current WiFi phones: Calypso Wireless, pulverInnovations WiSIP, Samsung, CommtechWireless, Cisco, WiFiPhone. Other GSM/WiFi phones we will see: Motorola and Nokia. So, unlimited calling over LinSpot is already a reality!

    In the not so distant future, we will post details for investment possibilities here.

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