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What is LinSpot?
LinSpot is free and easy software to sell your Wireless Internet Access. LinSpot uses an innovative combination of different technologies to turn your Wireless Internet into a paid-for Internet Access Point and let YOU benefit from it!
With this C2C (consumer-to-consumer) technology we want to turn all individual Wireless Internets into one big network, delivering Internet Access anywhere. If you want to make some money with your AirPort or any other WiFi router, LinSpot is for you!

LinSpot is quick and easy to install. Just download it, install, and within minutes you can start earning money with your LinSpot. The connection to LinSpot is extremely simple and payment transactions are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. Even better, LinSpot does not require you to do complex configurations - it just works!

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  • 12423 downloads and counting...

  • Start selling your Air in 8 minutes

  • Study predicts the WiFi HotSpot market to grow to $3.6 Billion yearly (USA alone) - claim your part!

  • LinSpot's low-price policy makes Wireless Internet everywhere affordable for all

  • Based on great OpenSource technology!

  • Zero-administration and simple installation

  • Super-stable, low performance requirements and proven Security

  • NEWS:
  • Friday 15th of June 2007
    LinSpot announced today that it will go OpenSource. The entire code-base will be released under the GNU GPL License, including the LinSpot Professional product. Interested OpenSource developers can contact us for more specifics about release schedule and how to collaborate.

  • Monday 20th of Februari 2006
    LinSpot for MacOS X 1.0.3 was released today. It's a regular maintenance update which addresses several bugs and improves compatibility with the upcoming products. We expect our following release for MacOS X to be a universal binary. LinSpot received today the Softpedia 100% CLEAN Award, they also added: We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future. We certainly will!

  • Wednesday 8th of Februari 2006
    Google, Skype and some venture capitalists announced this Sunday to have invested 22 Million dollars into the WiFi startup FON. FON allows (just like LinSpot) that people share their Internet connection to other users. FON runs on the LinkSys router itself, just as our upcoming LinSpot On-Site product. FON currently doesn't allow people to sell their connection, but they have plans to do so as well. It's great to see that our idea catches on and is supported by these large and interesting players. It surely will be an interesting year for us!

  • Tuesday 27th of December 2005
    We have finished alpha-testing LinSpot Professional for Linux. Beta testers can contact us if they are interested in the first release. LinSpot Professional includes Credit Card processing, prepaid scratch card generation and processing, user-definable prices and welcome page, a build-in Radius server, web page redirection, and integrates particularly well with Microtik based WiFi equipment. If you have or are planning to buy professional WiFi equipment, don't hesitate to contact us while we enhance our user interface and prepare our launch.

  • Wednesday 1st of December 2004
    We are suspending our Windows beta test program due to problems with the ISC DHCP on Windows. Instead we're pushing ahead with the new version on Linux. It will have prepaid scratch-card functionality as well. If you're interested in testing this version, contact us at: If you have experience with ISC DHCP on Windows with MinGW, please contact us as well.

  • Friday 19th of March 2004
    New World Record! LinSpot is the first HotSpot network to install over 150 HotSpots in only 2 weeks time! Here is the full press release. LinSpot 1.0.1 for MacOS X was also released today with support for localized currencies and lower US prices. wifi world record

  • Monday 26th of January 2004
    LinSpot 1.0b9 for MacOS X has been released privately. We're looking forward for the 1.0 version.

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